The ATC operates an academic syllabus that provides cadets with aviation knowledge through a structured classification system and leads to a BTEC Certificate Level 2 in Aviation Studies.

'First Class' is awarded once the cadet has gained a fundamental understanding across the Air Cadet syllabus and passes out of initial training.

'Leading' is the second classification badge and is awarded after the cadet has passed a multiple choice exam in each of the following subjects, Principles of Flight; Airmanship; Basic Navigation.


This classification entitles the cadet for a BTEC Award in Aviation Studies equivalent to 1 GCSE at A-C

'Senior' is the next classification gained which is achieved after successfully passing a multiple choice exam in 3 of the following subjects: Piston Engine Propulsion; Jet Engine Propulsion; Rocketry; Aircraft Handling and Flying Techniques; Air Power; Airframes; Avionics and Aircraft Electrical Systems; Military Aircraft Systems; Basic Air Navigation; Basic Principles of Pilot Navigation; Advanced Radio and Radar; Data Communications.


'Master Cadet' is the final classification awarded following successful completion of a further 3 exams. These 3 exams are the topics not taken at the previous level.


This classification entitles the cadet for a BTEC Certificate in Aviation Studies equivalent to 2 GCSEs at A-C.

The Instructor Cadet lanyard is awarded to cadets who successfully complete a Cadet Methods of Instruction Course; this enables them to teach fellow cadets.


Cadets who wish to be considered for Cadet Warrant Officer must have achieved this classification.


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